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Clever Marketing Strategies – Case Study 1. Ocado

I thought seeing a clever marketing strategy from the consumer's perspective might give you some ideas...

My husband had a big birthday in August so we decided to have a large family party. The week before the party I wondered what unexpected expense would come up at this costly time and came down to see water all over the floor…

Yes folks I had terminally hexed the washing machine.

Having conducted the last rites over our machine our plumber advised that we buy a Bosch so the online search was on… not surprisingly we settled on one that included £100 of Ocado shopping vouchers.

Clever Ocado – this is the same target audience isn’t it?  Someone who might buy “a nice Bosch” might also like “a nice supermarket”

Thanks to Drewm on Flickr for the Ocado shopping pic.


  1. Hi Jane, thanks for sharing your experience of shopping with us on your blog. We're thrilled to hear you were impressed with our service and our marketing strategy and we hope that you'll continue to shop with us in future.

    If you wanted to recommend us to a friend and earn yourself some extra vouchers, here's a link your might find useful:

    Thanks again


    1. Already done that in response to your e-mail yesterday :-)

  2. Excellent post. You must continue to offer excellent resources and content like you have been offering. I will most likely stop by again in the future.


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