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I run workshops for training companies, membership organisations and private companies in the public, private and third sector and would love to do one one for you.  

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I'm guessing you're looking for an experienced, enthusiastic and engaging trainer - so here are some testimonials describing how I run my workshops:

A huge amount of relevant information and focus on core values from which to build marketing and sales”
“Best workshop ever!”
"Probably one of the best trainers I've experienced"
“Many thanks for such an engaging and enjoyable workshop”
“Handouts excellent and thought provoking which backed up the content 
delivered professionally and with good humour”
Excellent session – really helped me focus on my service offering”
Interesting, fun and useful ideas”
Jane is a good presenter and engages with the audience
"She has a clear presentation style and is engaging and genuine in her delivery"

and here is some feedback from previous courses:

Blogging Euphoria 

Content Marketing 

Twitter Basics 

Would Social Media be Good for your Practice? -  for the Hampshire Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Clever Copywriting - making words work for you 

Low Cost, No Cost Marketing 

Social Media for Councils

"Good session - well delivered"
Executive Head for Economy and Communitie

"Very good course which I previously had no knowledge of . I feel I have leaped forward to make good use of this valuable tool"

"I was not at all sure about this course when I arrived this morning , however I will go away very positive"

About Social Media and how to do it 

1. Clever Copywriting – making words work for you 

Every communication that comes from your organisation is a marketing opportunity, so what you say and how you say it is business critical. Regardless of what you’re writing - from a glossy corporate brochure to the humble customer feedback form - all sales and marketing copy has to be carefully crafted to make people respond. And you want them to be responding to you and NOT to your competitors!

Basically you cannot afford to write badly – so no pressure there then…

2. Twitter Basics

Perfect for those who have put up their profile and then got no further or for those who need to make an informed decision as to whether or not they should be using Twitter for their business marketing.  

The half day is in two parts the practical and the tactical.

Since 2016 I  have also run Advanced Twitter

3. Explaining Pinterest

Essentially an electronic scrapbook or online corkboard, Pinterest lets you quickly and easily bookmark, organise, and share images relating to useful ideas, aah moments, and inspirations found on the web. And these images are tagged to go back to the originators website.

The reason that this is such a powerful marketing tool is because it’s a social media bridge between emotion and commerce. And it is SO MUCH easier to sell if you can pull at the heart strings…
Why not come along and find out how to use Pinterest in order to get advertise for nothing to people who are interested in your product or service

4.  Low Cost No Cost Marketing 

This lively workshop will really get you thinking about how to market your business - without continually spending money…and there will be no shortage of ideas for you – in fact almost 20 - most of which you can use in your business straight away! Subjects covered include loyalty programmes, networking, feedback forms,customer analysis and QR codes

5.  Blogging Euphoria
  • Would you like to do a blog but don't know where to start? 
  • Have  you started but are struggling to keep it up?
  • Are you up and running but getting no traffic?
This workshops gives you inspiration and saves on perspiration!

6. Understanding Social Media

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Which you should use
  • How you can make the most of it
  • How to manage the time
The ideal workshop to help you decide whether you should be using social media as part of your marketing or for those who are using it but finding the whole thing a huge mystery!

7. Content Marketing: which is about compiling materials that assist, educate or entertain your target market. 

This type of marketing fits hand in glove with attracting potential customers to your business via social media. There's no point posting a load of links that aren't yours - this means you are doing a great job of promoting other people ...and not yourself.

 Find out how to do it well and how to promote it.

8. Snapshot Branding 

When describing branding, the Chartered Institute of Marketing says “brands matter to every company because what they capture is distinctive. This is the primary source of your competitive advantage and the ability to create value.”

But, this is not about logos and design. This is about what you do; how you uniquely do it; and how to differentiate yourself clearly and consistently when getting your message across to clients and potential clients.

So do you have absolute clarity with regard to your marketing direction, focus, personality and voice? Or have you sort of made it up along the way?

Snapshot Branding for Charities  and Snapshot Branding for Creative Artists have also been delivered and well received!

9. Event Planning and Promotion 

Staging any event is a complex task and takes a lot of planning and organisation BUT it can be hugely rewarding. This workshop will help you get to grips with:

• Clarifying your marketing objectives
• Deciding on the style and format of the event
• Deciding who you are targeting and how this event will benefit them
• Understanding how you might reach your target audience in terms of promotion
• Clarifying your key messages
• Managing the process
• Essential things to provide on the day
• That all important post event tick list

10. New to Marketing?  Here's How 

Marketing feels like a really fluffy subject but there are basics that can be shared and practised and which will make a huge difference to your business success for example

• Understanding your target audience
• Understanding that marketing materials must attract attention and retain interest and how to do this
• Identifying what differentiates you
• Learning why you should extol with benefits rather than features – and how to tell the difference
• Gaining a better understanding about how to approach advertising,direct mail and press releases
• Making marketing part of your business process

This half day workshop is delivered as a full day under the title of "Everything you need to know about marketing, but were too afraid to ask" with half the day dedicated to theory and half to practical low cost applications.  This is ideal for anyone newly responsible for marketing their businesses and with little or no previous training

it is also delivered as a full day under the title Sorted! Marketing & Motivation for those who need to understand the marketing basis AND get on with it! As well as offering a good understanding of marketing, the day includes a whole section on procrastination, motivation, time management and goal setting.