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A little empathy goes a long way

How well do you think you know your potential customer?  Do you understand their challenges, their likely mindset and lifestyle?  

To be honest if you don’t your marketing is not going to work.

Think about your own reaction to timely marketing literature or ads.  Let’s imagine you are a women - a mailshot comes through the door just as the days are getting chillier, it extolls the virtue of a company’s fleeces, their woolly tights and their throws. “How strange” you might think “I was just thinking I need to get something a bit warmer”

Well it’s not strange at all... please see the rest of this blog post in its new location just here

Thanks to Sirenbrian on Flickr for the lovely pic


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  2. I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for making a comment. It's a busy old world so I appreciate it!


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