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Pink and Fluffy

As usual I was at the Winchester Business Group this Wednesday morning (always a joy!)and I was delighted when a visitor approached me saying she had remembered a talk I had given 4 years ago.

The thing she remembered most vividly was me standing there with a pen complete with pink feathers saying that contrary to popular opinion marketing was not pink and fluffy at all. She was so taken with the practical advice which stuck in her mind that she subsequently trotted out the phrase "it's not pink and fluffy" to her children on a regular basis. Indeed, they eventually bought her a pink and fluffy toy ostrich!

So where did the phrase come from in the first place? 7 years ago one of my first clients brought me in to assist his Marketing Director with a particular campaign. A man of science by background he referred in a peevish tone to marketing being "fluffy" and then looking from his male Marketing Director to this female consultant (i.e. me!) said "And now I have got pink and fluffy!"

What the visitor remembered was that my take was - and is - that marketing should simply be part of a business process. By embracing that she has done very well in her business thank you!

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