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Headings that sabotage your marketing message

I see the error over and over again.

You spend ages researching material for a newsletter
You spend even longer writing the damn thing
You then e-mail it out and no-one reads it.

Here's why:

Your subject heading says "Newsletter" - now how many people are going to be so excited at that word that they leap to open up the e-mail. Do you?

Your subject heading is longer than the subject heading box. I have had three of those recently one said "Jane, (so they went to the bother of personalising it)now you can offer high quality job content in t..." another said "Final chance to have your voice heard in prestigious eco..."

Punchy - not.

The other thing that people forget is that the inclusion of certain words and symbols often result in the spam filter dumping your hard crafted missive.

These include money signs like £ and $ as well as exclamation marks, percent signs and words like free, win and money.

I recently alerted a large local business organisation that their message had gone straight into spam because of the inclusion of the word "Free!" - this had been sent by a " professional e-marketing company" - uh huh.

Please spread the word, if this piece of advice has been useful to you please send a link to my blog - just DON'T put "FREE marketing advice that saves you ££££'s!"

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