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Looking for a new marketing strategy? How about article marketing?

Do you like writing? Are you an expert in your field? Or passionate about a particular subject? Then article marketing might be a good strategy for you

This subtle (and free) form of online advertising is all about writing and submitting an online article. And it's a true win win situation since these articles add value to the content of online publishers and e-newsletter distributors whilst simultaneously spreading YOUR word.

One of the most well known platforms for doing this is Set up in 1999, this resource gives you exposure to hundreds of thousands of daily visitors who in turn have thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of e-mail list members of their own. So, in effect, if you write a great insightful article you may get

• a lot of exposure to a lot of people
• a boost to your credibility
• and possibly some direct business

This really does work, I got a Swindon based client simply because she’d read something I‘d submitted and then clicked on my website link. There should be no surprise that this kind of thing happens - after all those coming to your website WILL want what you are offering...

I also discovered one of my articles within a high circulation US based business advice newsletter - so it is possible to momentarily become a legend in your own lunchtime!

Ezinearticles is packed with lots of good ongoing advice about creating the best possible piece and it is wise to read this since there are thousands of authors with whom you are competing. However, the very act of learning to write such an article can be enormously helpful in honing a fresh new marketing perspective.

Has anyone else had marketing success using this method?


  1. Richard Boothman19 July 2011 at 14:41

    We have been looking for outlets for this type of material. Is there a more UK centric site offering anything similar? And in the sheer volume of material on this site, how does anyone ever find something of interest?

  2. From what I gather ezinearticles carries the most weight with Google and despite this being a US resource it is generally recommended as the one you start with. In terms of what publishers select it is likely to be all about headlines - if the subject appears to be in step with what they know their readers will want to see they will select it! I have not personally used other sites but have heard of:

    Hope that helps


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