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Marketing Strategy - get set for 2012

You may be excited about 2012 being Olympics year.

You may be determined to raise your game and are immersing yourself in self-improvement books to understand goal setting and focus.

Either way you will understand where I am coming from in terms of getting your act together for the coming year’s marketing strategies.

Let’s break this down in bite sized chunks:

On your marks:
  • Your current clients should be on a database ready to mail or e-mail
  • You should have put up your profile on whichever social media channel you have chosen (remember this is not the one you like but the one your clients/potential clients use)
  • You should have sought out your clients and contacts out on whichever social media channels you are using
  • Your networking contacts should also be on a database (no teetering piles of business cards please)
  • You should be following any peers and experts on LinkedIn in order to continually hone your own knowledge
  • You should have identified and booked into any relevant networking events
  • You should be actively seeking any presentation opportunities
  • You should be looking for any business awards you could enter

 Get Set:
  • You should have developed new opportunities for your clients to work with you
  • You should have looked at your competitors to make sure you are not missing a trick
  • You should have re-vamped your website and marketing materials to make sure they are impactful and relevant – a nice lot of calls to action please!
  • You should have developed a newsletter template using a client contact system like mailchimp
  • You should have looked into marketing mediums you have not previously used:  video clip, SMS, QRCode, e-book?
  • You should have identified any promotions you might roll out:  recommend a friend, 2 for 1, affiliate deals?
  • You should have put together a 12 month overview with 3 months detailed activities. (If you struggle with this ask about my marketingroadmap service)

  • Using all of the marketing arsenal above, undertake your marketing consistently and continually to avoid that roller coaster income and to take your business to new levels
  • Throughout the year make time to up your game through training and learning opportunities. Social networking sources; books/e-books and workshops are ready and waiting for you to take advantage.  My current marketing workshop timetable is here:

Is there anything else you are doing in preparation for the year ahead? I‘d love to hear and share.

PS Getting downhearted because you're not getting immediate results - don't be.  Here's why