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The art and science of leaflet distribution

How much thought are you putting into your leaflet distribution? Have you carefully considered where you’re posting your marketing material - or are you going for a scattergun approach?

Like all marketing the latter method will not deliver what you need and so I'm going to share a marketing process with you..

The updated version of this post is now here 

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  1. Very interesting post. It's hard to find information on leaflet distribution. Very good point on hitting the same areas twice in 3 weeks. I've had good success with similar tactic, although I usually leave it a month.

  2. Hi Terry, Thank you for commenting! Leaflet distribution is extremely hard work so its a shame that most people don't realise that doing it once is unlikely to bring in business.

    Hope to hear from you again

  3. Awesome post! about door to door marketing or leaflet distribution. Flyer delivery plays a vital role of getting your promotional materials directly to the hands of potential customers through door to door letterbox delivery.Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.


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