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Marketing 2012- popular posts you may have missed

If you've been looking for help in marketing during 2012, I hope you have subscribed to my blog!  I try to cover as many topics as possible in this huge subject, and it's interesting to see what catches the eye of my followers.

The top six posts are easily found as they're on the home page - and I'm amused to see that my rant around the word "complementary" is still number 1 with nearly 600 visits!  I certainly touched a nerve there - or perhaps people just like to read a rant...

Anyway, the top 6 tend to stay the top 6 since they are clicked on very easily - but that means you may be missing some other gems - so as we're nearly half way through the year (Do NOT mention that it will start to get earlier soon!) I thought you might like a round up of the top  6 posts that have not yet made the front page.

I wasn't surprised to see that number 1 was on the subject of Blogging. I'm increasingly getting enquiries on marketing with social media from my clients - and my launch workshop on Blogging Euphoria went down a storm.  If this is something you'd like to attend please contact Southern Entrepreneurs to book onto Blogging Euphoria in Winchester on September 6th. It will cost just £35 for the morning.

Meanwhile click here to find out 23 key things to remember when blogging

My second post on QR codes came in at no 2, and this contains a link to the first if you missed both! I think QR codes are absolutely brilliant.  I recently used them on a poster to encourage sign up of a newsletter and on a postcard to encourage the viewing of a video. They're superb ways to maximise your marketing in a small space.

If this is not yet something you have considered for your business click here to find out more

At no 3 came the post entitled "Playing with Palindromes" - this is where a word phrase makes sense read both forwards and backwards.  There are some great examples in this post and a challenge is thrown out for any others you'd like to share - particularly ones you've created.  Come on guys!

Click here to read the post and share your own palindrome cleverness!

The previous post beat this more recent one on Pinterest by just one reader - making this no 4.This social networking site now seems to be attracting more interest, probably because it's only just reached the edge of consciousness for those of us on this side of the pond - despite it being the third most popular social network in the US!

Click here to find out about this "virtual corkboard"!

At no 5 was really comprehensive advice on sorting out your marketing for 2012.  Now I know in reality this is likely to have been bookmarked but not actioned.  So NOW is your time to revisit the post and at least make some effort to outstrip your competitors during the back half of the year.  What are you waiting for?!

Click here to get your marketing act together

Finally at no 6 is a surprise entry - my musings on the marketing tactics used to call up men for the first World War.  This was written after a short visit to the Somme area of France where, thankfully, nature has beautifully cloaked the madness of man.  One account of the marketing methods described it as "Psychologically bullying" - they're not kidding...

Check it out for yourself and perhaps spare a thought for those who went into the fray

Please feel free to make comments on any of these posts or indeed this one.  Contributions always enrich a blog ten fold so I'd love to hear from you.

PS: Apart from the photo of the surfing bunny being cute, I thought it was particularly apt for those of you who think that I rabbit on.  Thanks to Zanuist on Flickr for the image.

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