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How do I post a blog when my brain hurts?


Have you missed me?  Now don't all rush at once!  I am just emerging from a lovely busy period of lots of meetings, lots of workshops, lots of copywriting and lots of postcards and my blog has been sadly neglected.

So it's perhaps not surprising that this post is how to stimulate ideas for writing blog posts when you are an idea-free zone!  The good news is that this is based on expanding the content of previous posts so you don't even need to lie down in a dark corner seeking inspiration.

Here's what you do - taking a good look at your previous posts,  ask yourself if you could:

Update your advice...since I posted this...

Give another angle....I've had some interesting feedback since writing this post

Go into something in more depth...I briefly mentioned xxx previously and it occurred to me that a more full explanation might be useful

Ask someone to do a guest blog in terms of a subject you had covered in brief

Interview someone who is an expert in the field of something you may previously have covered in brief

Capture the debate between yourself and someone who disagrees with you on a subject

Source an infographic, a cartoon, or a quote to further clarify something you'd written

Do a case study on someone who implemented the advice you offered in your post

Look for any more niche topics that come out of a particular subject

Social media is suddenly coming to the top of the list for many of my clients who are requesting help. If you find yourself in the same position please get in touch for one to one training or outsourced help in actually doing your social media activities for you.

If you would like to go on a workshop I am delivering a day long workshop on Social Media and Twitter in Guildford on April 8th and May 13th. Here's the link

I'm doing a half day workshop on Pinterest in Rushmoor for Southern Entrepreneurs on June 9th and on Blogging in Andover on 17th June

Hope to see you soon!

In the meantime why not share this link on dealing with blog writers block?

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