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Have you tried to find yourself recently? How did you get on?

Those of you out there who are suddenly faced with having to find a new hairdresser will know what a traumatic experience this can be.  Especially when your most recent hairdresser was the only one who ever made your ugly duckling hair into a beautiful swan coiffeur…

Anyway, I went through the process most of us would.  I went online and searched for hairdressers in my area.  Here’s what I discovered.

Not all hairdressers have websites that were optimised to come up using my search term and I am mystified as to what keywords they are using instead. Type of trade and area seemed the most logical to me.

Few websites took advantage of the free Google Maps listing which meant I didn’t know at a glance how near they were.  Now why would you not do that as the Google Map’s listing does not only bring you to the top of page 1 but is also free…

Most websites did not have testimonials – here am I  a nervous prospective customer who would like to know what others think – is that unusual?

Some websites had photos of super models and young vibrant things (believe me there are not that many of those around here) and I presumed therefore that I was not their target audience…

Some websites did not put their prices on.  Am I going to be bothered to ring up and find that out – no!

The one that got my business was easily found, sounded nice, had pictures of normal people, showed their rates and had testimonials.

All that remained was for her to do a good job – which she did. So she potentially has a lifetime client.

So are you doing everything you can to get clients - even lifetime clients?  

When did you last put yourself in the position of someone trying to find a product or service like yours?  Are you going to find and like the sound of yourself?!

Photo: Thanks to Robethk on Flickr

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