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How do I market without bragging?

Very often those who’ve achieved great things go quietly unnoticed. Doubly so when British reticence and modesty gets in the way.

This is all very admirable…but unfortunately this will not help in the marketing of your business

Suggestions as to how to get over this is in the rest of this post which can now be found here. 

Thanks to Judy**on Flickr for the winning photo - ooh!


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how many of my network group members are secret squirrels - that is until I get to work. Why are the British so modest? well some of them anyway. I'm now having great fun doing video marketing with them. At first some of them cringe but when I tell them it will work 24/7 I usually persuade them to have a go. Nice to catch up with you again.

    1. Hello Lyn, A good job they have you behind them. It seems we British do need "permission" to strut our stuff!

  2. Some great practical tips Jane - thank you. Great to have examples like this to pass on to my coaching clients.


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