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Go to work on an egg . Enduring slogans (1)

I thought I would keep on topic during this Easter week by talking about eggs.  In fact I want to take a look back at an ad that first appeared in 1957 for the Egg Marketing Board.

Devised by Ad agency Ogilvy and Mather,  it's often been said that novelist Fay Weldon came up with the clever strapline – but in fact she headed up a creative team at the time and credits it to that team overall.

There's a bit of a clue in the pic - the famous strapline was “Go to work on an egg” and it ran until 1971 – an incredible 14 years.

The original promotion went to a whole new level when Len Fulford - credited as being one of THE most successful directors of television and cinema commercials - used popular 1960’s comedians Tony Hancock and Patricia Hayes in his 1965 ad campaign.

These ads are still voted among the greatest TV Commercials of all time and earned Fulford the nickname of The Eggman.  In fact I was fascinated to read that, having met the Beatles, that name was picked up by John Lennon who wrote the lyrics “I am the Eggman/I am the Walrus”…

In 2007, the egg industry applied to re run the ad to mark its 50th anniversary and was shocked when it got a knock back from advertising watchdog The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre. They decided that it failed to promote a varied and balanced diet and that eating an egg for breakfast every day does not constitute a healthy diet!

Deep sigh!!!!

However, in that same year the ad was chosen as one of several sixties commercials in the advertising break of the first episode of American period drama “Mad Men”

For a glimpse of a black and white advertising masterpiece please click here

Happy Easter everyone!


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