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Should I put prices on my website?

I was lucky enough to be asked to run two workshops on the same day this week. The first one on Pinterest and the second on the basics of marketing.  

Coincidentally I was asked my opinion about putting prices on websites at both workshops so I thought this post might be useful.

Ok sorry,  I don’t believe this is black and white, I think it depends on your sector and the expectations of your target market...

The full version of this blog post is now on my website just here

Thanks to pt101 on Flickr for the piggy pic!


  1. Great post Jane. Have shared on my page. I agree and think you should be bold and get those prices out there if you have nothing to hide. In my book a spade is a spade so I say right out there what I offer and what it costs.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing - and for your clear advice :-)

  3. awesome, putting my prices public after this!


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