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Twitter Lists - how to use them for monitoring and marketing

When did you last look at Twitter lists? Oh, OK you haven’t…well you may be missing an opportunity.

Creating a Twitter list allows you to quickly catch up with a key group of people and their tweets - something which can be pretty challenging with a busy life and that daily melee of tweets appearing on your Home feed…

Effectively then they act as a filter.

Now, you can create public lists or you can create private lists -if you create the latter users will not be notified about their inclusion. This can of course provide you with a powerfully discreet monitoring tool! Why not create a private list of your competitors? Here you can just covertly observe their profiles without publicly following their accounts...

There are also some great marketing benefit 10 in fact.  For an updated blog post on this subject please click here 

Thanks to Julie on Flickr for her cute list pic

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