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Should drip marketing be part of your marketing mix?

Drip marketing is a way of automating the sending out of pre-written and scheduled marketing communications. A large number of companies use this method in their marketing mix.

The term is usually applied to e-mail but it can equally be applied to direct mail and social media.  In all cases this is about going across the radar screen of your clients or potential clients so that your business stays top-of-mind.

This might be in response to behaviour – you will probably have seen these when you buy something online so:
  •       A thank you for your order
  •       Followed by a request for post-delivery feedback
  •       Followed by an introduction to a complementary product or service

Or they are set up to bring in new leads
  •       Announcing a special offer which will end in a fortnight
  •       Reminding them about that offer with a  week to go
  •       Warning that  tomorrow is the last day of the offer

I have personally used this method from time to time and it is very effective and particularly if you are going through a quiet patch or seasonal slump.

This method is also widely used for educational purposes where they are linked with resources which are helpful to your target market (see Content Marketing) . This works best when you are offering a number of different forms of content to choose from so that people are not turned off because the content is only in the form of a pdf document so a choice of perhaps a How-to Sheet, perhaps a video, perhaps a more in depth e-book...

You may also have seen them in terms of moving trainees through a training programme

As with all things marketing the process will only be successful if you:

  •         Clearly define your target market and their problems
  •          Design the drip marketing specifically for them - so thinking about things like  language, frequency, days of the week, time of the day and so forth
  •          Test and analyse each campaign
  •           Regularly use the method

There are some free marketing automation tools out there – although I have no personal experience of them so would be interested to hear your experience of any you've used. is free for up to 1,000 contacts and 4,000 e-mails per month but the auto responder is only free for a limited time – you can then pay monthly or pay as you go.

Take a look at  which – if you have less than 2500 contacts in their database will allow you to send unlimited e-mails, create landing pages and track your website for nothing.

If you need something a bit more sophisticated but are horrified at the big ticket price of some of the other software out there you might take a look at something (appropriately) called Drip which you can try for free for 3 weeks and then costs $49 per month. 

Hope this has been helpful!

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