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Business Mum at University of Winchester

As the University of Winchester's "Business Mum" for their Start Up Scheme I am asked to do an hour long lecture at their annual Enterprise Conference. For this I am billed as a motivational speaker, so lots of positives are included alongside constant reminders that being your own boss needs energy, hard work and determination - day in day out.

I also like to include humorous bits and pieces and hope - whilst facing about 150 students - that it's not just me that finds these funny. This morning the following did get a laugh so I hope you enjoy it too!

The 5 stages of innovation:
  1. People deny that the innovation is required
  2. People deny that the innovation is effective
  3. People deny that the innovation is important
  4. People deny that the innovation will justify the effort required to adopt it
  5. People accept and adopt the innovation, enjoy its benefits, attribute it to people other than the innovator, and deny the existence of stages 1 to 4.
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