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Dear Marje, is it OK to be described as “shit” twice in the last few weeks?

Well strangely enough the most bizarre words can have positive connotations when put into context - and I don’t even need a great deal of marketing spin to turn that word around

In the first instance a client used the word like this

“If it was not for the fact that we did not want to reveal our current location we would say Jane Buswell is the paddle when you are up shit creek”

...and today a client who introduces me to a lot of their clients responded to me updating them on client progress by saying

“and you are shit hot as always......ooops, did I say that out loud??!!”

Now both of these statements have the power of impact through shock since they contain words not usually used in a professional sense. In that case it is definitely in the handle with care box and only to be used amongst friends…

Of course, that is the gift that social networking brings, the ability to cross the usual barriers and to communicate in a more direct, all façades off kind of manner. Just a word of caution – do not let a junior member of your team run away with comments on your behalf as you need to ensure you are not in any way compromising your brand or your professional integrity

I get away with it because it looks like I am taking a professional interest in a particular word – ahem!

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