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Great Sayings No 6

Thank you to Malcom Law of The Chauffeur Group for sharing the following with my Basingstoke Breakfast Group during his 60 seconds about maintaining his excellent client service:

     "Quality is affected by gravity"

This is certainly true of marketing materials and here is why...when you start up in business you may produce marketing materials in a rather tick list kind of way:

Logo - done
Business Cards - done
Leaflet - done
Website - done


Of course within a short time their quality becomes subject to gravity - in other words it reduces and becomes a lesser thing:
  • The literature your produced may not quite fit what you now do
  • You have not added in any of the excellent testimonials you have received since you started
  • The low cost website you could afford when you first started may not know reflect your standing in the business community and
  • You haven't looked at your search engine optimisation for months
  • You were quite disciplined about sending out regular newsletters whn you started but that initiative has kind of..well...slipped.
  • You did design a feedback form but keep forgetting to use it
  • And as for that New Year's resolution to go to new networking groups...
If this sounds familiar your marketing is a lesser thing. The good news is, you have it in your power to defy gravity - but don't tell Newton!