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Marketing Pearls of Wisdom 4 - One Man Brand

Contrary to popular belief branding is not just for the big boys.

Those who have attended my workshops at Southern Entrepreneurs (next one September 16th!) or my talk for Wired Wessex will already understand this. But I need to persuade the rest of you...

I'd like you to take a closer look at branding by considering a couple of questions:

How do you know which shops are worth visiting, which contractors to use, and which websites are worth going to more than once?

Why do you go back to particular authors, particular cars, or particular newspapers?

The answer is branding. Branding effectively “pre-sells” a product or service by influencing your purchasing behaviour because the organisations you go back to are the organisations that you trust.

And the INDIVIDUALS you go back to are the INDIVIDUALS you trust

So, brand is not just about a look, a style or a corporate colour - it is effectively a promise of the value you'll receive which means one man brands need to pay as much attention to their brand as larger organisations

This being the case, if you wish to appear dynamic, individual, energised and cutting edge - everything that comes from you must reflect this. Similarly when you wish to appear considered, traditional, steady and supportive.

This means you firstly need to decide upon your brand and secondly reflect it through your marketing material, on your website,and even after a bad day on the phone or at a networking event...

Still not convinced? Well what about this then: The Chartered Institute of Marketing says “brands matter to every company because what they capture is distinctive. This is the primary source of your competitive advantage and the ability to create value”

If you would like to know more you might like to book yourself onto a North Hampshire Enterprise Breakast Networking Event where I am one of three speakers talking about "Branding Uncovered" between 7.30am and 10am at the Holiday Inn in Winchester on 8th September. Book via 0845 036 3000 or

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