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Are you legal, decent, honest and truthful?

I am sorry if you have missed my pearls of wisdom but I have been caught up in one of the most stressful experiences other than getting up for a breakfast networking meeting - yes I have moved house.

It was worth it but it was indeed stressful and time consuming!

Anyway, do the words legal, decent, honest and truthful ring any bells? They should if you ever place any advertising, since you are obliged to comply with those requirements as laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority.

These have previously not applied to claims made on your own website or in social networking activities but as from March 1st 2011 they will do so. This is good news for those of us who may have fallen victim to spurious claims online.

The good news is, for a change, this is going to have teeth. Anyone running dodgy advertising campaigns online may find that search engines have suspended any paid for search activities leading to the sites hosting them.

There is a fine balancing act between marketing to capture peoples' imaginations and sheer exaggeration. So make sure you are on the side of the angels by March 1st next year!

You heard it here first.

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