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Marketing Pearls of Wisdom 2 – online demeanor I’ve got it

I would like to start by stating the bloomin’ obvious – people buy people. We all know it and yet we often fail to put across our brands(or personalities)in our marketing materials. And this is particularly the case with websites – which is kind of a shame as you’ll not be there with your potential client going through web page by web page…

So today’s blog post is partly about brand and partly about copywriting and it came out of an e-mail from someone who, having met me networking, said

“I've been looking at your site, and am impressed by your offering by your 'online demeanor'. Can't quite think how else to express that.”

I love that, because I honestly turned into the client from hell for my poor website designer by writing and re-writing my copy – but it has paid off.

It seems that I am having a positive effect on my web visitors and that’s a great start to having a positive effect on their marketing should they then contact me!

So please – look at your website – does it sound like you? If not could it? I know this isn’t always an easy task but don’t wriggle out of it by saying that you want to keep it simple when you actually mean you can’t face making the necessary changes! A little time invested in this activity will yield you huge dividends.

As Samuel Johnson once said “What is written without effort is generally read without pleasure”

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