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Eggsactly so...

My breakfast networking group – Winchester Business Group – has a policy of a revolving chair. This is, of course in terms of person rather than furniture! The idea is that each member of the group is Chair for two months.

Not only does this give a continual freshness to the group it is also great experience for everyone.

The present incumbent is caterer par excellence Elizabeth Lawton ( who has set us all the task of comparing ourselves with a food (of course!)

I am indebted to my husband for the idea of which food but can blame no-one else but myself for the cheesy pitch as follows:

I am mostly like an egg. Because like marketing it is something you need on a regular basis. Indeed many years ago you were told to “go to work on an egg”

This has not changed, eggs are still vital but they need to be cooked to suit the individual.

Fortunately I can scramble into action and help poach would be clients from your competitors

I have a reputation for cooking on gas and can help you produce something extraordinary from an apparently humble start.

I reckon you will surprise yourself at the levels your marketing can reach – so let’s get cracking!


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