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Social Networking - Bewitched bothered or bewildered?

I do hope you’ve not faltered to a halt in your marketing activities because I’ve not recently written a blog post (as if)! I do have a good excuse, as I’ve been exceptionally busy launching a complementary business with my colleague Samantha Russell of The Social Sardine. is designed to help you if you are bewildered or beleaguered at the thought of how to use it within your marketing activities or totally baffled by what to write.

And speaking about writing that is the new challenge of course. As per the intro to our eBook 4 (How to turn your fleeting visitors into loyal followers:

“Suddenly everyone needs to be a copywriter! And please remember that this is not about being grammatically correct or making sure there are no spelling mistakes – although we hope that you will automatically be making sure of such crucial things!

No, the challenge in writing on a platform (which, yes, is friendly and transparent and all those good things) visited by a lot of people is that ultimately the words you write have to work hard to convince a contemporary audience to go on a journey which ends with them parting with a portion of its discretionary income!

Now the journey may be educational and inspirational and motivational and so forth but nevertheless for most organisations the ultimate destination is the same.

So you are relying on the power of your words to move people’s minds…”

If this fills you with horror- you now know where to get some help!

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