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New Year Newsletter

Happy New Year to you all!

Although marketing is a continual process, there's no doubt that the advent of a New Year typically prompts a burst of activity to fill in those blank diary pages with work!

The most simple thing to do is to get in contact with your existing clients as it is 6 times less effort to prompt them to buy from you again. This is because you have done the persuasion bit and the good customer bit and now you are on the reminder bit...

And the most simple way to get in contact? Well via a newsletter BUT you must bear the following in mind:


This is not rocket science. Whose newsletters do you see coming into your inbox and then delete without reading? I bet they're not the ones which have good hints and tips, special offers and dare I say it - a little levity!

How else might you make the most out of this newsletter?

Include some special promotions from yourself or your affiliates
Mention in passing your Facebook Page, LinkedIn profile or blog to drive more followers
Tell your clients about newly introduced products or services with an introductory offer
Canvas opinions or advice to improve two way communication
Ask your database to pass it on if it is of interest

And why not post it instead of e-mailing it - this will mean competing with less post on the doormat than e-mails in the in-box

If the thought of printing them out, stuffing the envelopes, sticking on the stamps and posting them fills you with dismay do what I do and use an ad hoc PA service

If you hesitate at spending out on such a service AND the stamps, just work out how many widgets or hours you would need to sell to cover your cost - you will probably be suprised at the low figure.

Please do let me know of any other newsletter techniques that have won you business!

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  1. Food for thought indeed! Thanks for that Jane and so glad we have caught up again after all these years!


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