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Make it easy on yourself

Those of you who are clients or regular networking contacts will hear me say over and over again that marketing should be an inate part of the business process.

For example you should habitually and automatically be sending out a client feedback form to new clients

You should, at least quarterly, be sending out a newsletter to clients and and contacts

You should schedule in regular mailshots, e-mails or phone calls to potential new target customers.

Fortunately there are a number of free to use resources which keep you on track in these respects.

For example,think about using for surveys and feedback forms. If you don't want to pay out you have to use one of the templates and are restricted to 10 questions. But using their excellent question suggestions you will find this is plenty, and once up and running you simply send out your survey web link to your clients and collect the results online

If you also wish to e-mail out your newsletters take a look at Constant Contact or MailChimp. These are both simple to use systems that help you design and send a most professional looking newsletter as well as offering you the ability to track the take up.

Do you have a customer relationship management system? These make life a lot easier as you can segment your contacts, target different grups with different offers at different times and keep track of the whole lot. I am indebted to Dan Harrison of for recommending one as a basic resource when you have your CRM L plates on!
Does anyone know of any other useful free to use digital marketing aids?

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