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Blogging basics - make the most of what's available

Marketing Tip Week - Tip no 4
If you have never blogged you can easily start FOR FREE by using either wordpress or blogger and following the instructions - which are very staightforward.

There will be a few areas around your blog that you need to understand in order to make the most of it.

Firstly a post is the entry you are making at a particular time on your blog. These are not static, as you create your next post the previous one will go down the page or across into an archive according to how you have set it up

A page IS static and it stays within the navigation allowing you to provide information that people are likely to look for. This could be your company ethos, a newsletter sign up, a list of workshops or your contact details.

The title is really important - you want people to think they are interesting enough to click onto and read so give this careful thought and perhaps get ideas from posts that have caught your eye.

Tags may at first sight look like a bit of frippery but they are like keywords for your blog and you should add 4 or 5 to each post.If you have identified the key words for your website SEO these will be relevant here too - provided they accurately reflect the subject matter. See tag cloud below...

If you have a tag cloud on your blog you will see that all the words are collated in one place with those most used appearing in larger font. Clicking on one of the tag words allows the reader to see all posts that are tagged with that word. So effectively a tag cloud is a form of navigation around your blog

Do make an effort to put each post into a category, this makes it easy for your blog visitor to find posts which are relevant to their interest or enquiry. You create categories as you go along - without them a first time visitor will have little sense of what your blog is about.

I hope this has been helpful, is there anything you have discovered about blogging that you would like to share?

If you are completely new to social networking please take a look at which explains all!

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