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Marketing Mix - 40 marketing methods from which to choose

Marketing Tips Week - Tip no 3

When I run workshops I always describe a visual image for marketing and it is a sheepdog, some sheep and a sheep pen. The theory is that the sheep pen is your business, the sheep are your potential clients and the sheep is the marketing method that drives the target audience into YOUR sheep pen i.e. your business offering.

Now there are many different marketing sheepdogs(!)so why not use the checklist below to see if you have considered everything available to you? (Where I have written more in depth posts on the subject you can click on the links)

1. Adverts in publications                 where and how
2. Adverts on radio or TV
3. Affiliate marketing
4. Articles                                       what's this?
5. Awards (entering for them!)
6. Blogs                                          basics,  how to engage  23 key things  how to get post ideas
7. Banners
8. Branded Clothing
9. Brochures or flyers
10. Business Directories and Listings
11. Charity Fundraiser
12. Community Forums
13. Customer Feedback Forms
14. Customer Loyalty Schemes
15. Direct Mail
16. Door Drops                               The art and science
17. E-mail Marketing                       10 inside track tips for success
18. E-mail signature
19. Gift Vouchers
20. Marketing Postcards
21. Money off coupons
22. Newsletters (e-mailed or posted)   getting people to engage
23. Networking                                  a brilliant  60 seconds     avoid self sabotage                  
24. Posters
25. Press Releases                             how to write one
26. Presentations
27. Proposals
28. Promotional Gifts
29. QR Code                                  what is this?   some practical guidance
30. Search engine optimisation         checking your keywords
31. Signage
32. SMS texting                              How to use it effectively
33. Social Networking                    Who to follow on Twitter    LinkedIn    How to tweet  Pinterest
34. Surveys
35. Telephone Marketing
36. Testimonials                              6 ways to get them
37. Vehicle Signage
38. Video
39. Website                                   10 question checklist
40. Workshops

In any case come back for marketing tip no 4 tomorrow!

Since I wrote this, I can also add

41. Mobile Marketing my hot tip for 2013