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How to advertise your business – and make it work – 3 areas and a super 10 question checklist

Promoting yourself is costly - so finding out how to effectively advertise your business might be a good idea! Now that everyone is getting back from holidays let’s get to work on your adverts and flyers.

The first BIG question:

1. How often do you review your marketing material in order that it is interesting, unusual, engaging and meaningful? Leo Burnett’s quotation on advertising makes it clear

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read!”
So no pressure there then… panic not, let’s continue by looking at:


2. Are you offering innovative solutions to problems being experienced by your target market?

3. Have you firmly dealt with any “popular misconceptions” about your sector or the product/service you offer?

4. Looking at your target market have you made sure that there is money available for your services– could you make things more accessible via e.g.: subscription, monthly payments or online resources rather than face to face to face consultancy


5. Have you built up a profile of your likely consumer so that you can communicate with them in a resonant way?

6. Are you talking in terms of benefits rather than features?

7. Can you roll in a special offer (but don’t sound desperate!)

8. Have you got a good strong call to action?


9. Have you come up with an appealing image/headline to help you get the message across in an unpredictable way? (Clients know how much I hate the image of two suited handshakes!)

10. Have you thought about how your target market might CURRENTLY feel? Tap into the mood of the moment perhaps through trending on Twitter, sector headlines on LinkedIn or news headlines

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