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Because "your" is worth it...strapline power

Whilst driving up the M1 to a wedding last weekend I found myself looking at the straplines that appear on the side of lorries. I noticed that:

Marks and Spencer now has "Your M&S"
and that British Gas now has "looking after your world"

The main reason why you should think about using the word "your" in your own straplines is because personalising something is so much more resonant. Look at the difference between "helping people to be happier" and "helping you to be happier"

So if you say "we help companies" or "we help people" in your marketing approaches you might consider a change. Using "you" or "your" is very powerful.

Who else does this? Waitrose recently adopted a new strapline for their online site which is "we shop like you shop" Tesco's is "you shop we drop" And of course L'Oreal's famous "because you're worth it" lent me the "cringeworthy" title for this post!

My own? "helping you stand out from the crowd" Any other examples you would like to share with me?

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  1. mine is 'YOU don't get a second chance to make a first impression'

  2. Mine is 'Invest in your memories, they become more precious with time'


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