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What are your keywords and when did you last check them?

Search engines use the keywords that are woven into your code and your web copy (including your blog) in order to point potential clients in your direction.

But are the words you gave to your web designer all that time ago the best ones possible? Could you be missing out on a higher traffic term that is similar to one you suggested but not the same?

Here’s an example of local searches per month for the following terms:

Letting Agents 450,000
Letting Agent 368,000
Letting Agencies 301,000
Lettings Agents 110,000
Lettings Agent 74,000

As you can see six times more people are looking at the top term than the bottom one, so might it be worth spending some time checking that you are getting as much traffic as you can?

And make sure you check on a regular basis. When I was investigating keywords for social networking advice site the term “social networking” showed 110,000 local searches. 6 months on it is pulling 450,00.

This is a clear indicator that more people are showing interest in this subject so it would be savvy of me to talk more about that subject in my blog wouldn’t it?

Are you being savvy about your keywords? If not why not?

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