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Copywriting - using the right words

When there are powerfully disturbing images on our screens , we all  listen for the “right words” by way of explanation or promise to address the situation. Some of these will deeply resonate with us, others will provoke irritation or anger, most we will not remember in a few days time.

Our world moves on rapidly which is why you have to work hard to write marketing words that impact with your target audience and QUICKLY provoke a reaction. These will need to be words of persuasion, of assurance, of promise and of gain – or why would people buy from you?

Let me help a little in this respect: questions and the use of the word “you” work very well by way of introductory phrases for example:

Ask yourself – where would…?
Have you ever…?
Who do you call…?

A diversity of language also helps to lift your message off the page. Most good copywriters are keen readers because it gives them access to a whole host of words that avoid repetition when reinforcing a message. Look how many different ways you can indicate how you will enhance someone’s life or business:


Words have always been important in marketing materials and now they are being really tested in blogs. It’s quite an art writing in a way that does the balancing act between helping and self-promotion! Improve your understanding of this by reading other people’s blogs and analyse WHY something particularly resonates with you.

If you're still struggling I can help - ask me to write the whole thing, edit your words or work collaboratively with you to create what you need - from flyers to website copy.

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