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What is copywriting? It's a gift!

I'm sure you know that copywriting is the art of effectively putting your business across in the printed word  - in fact it's also referred to as "salesmanship in print" - but what does it entail?

Well, before the copywriter gets to work they need to understand your target market; the benefits you bring and the possible objections to using your business.

They then need to read any existing copy - before possibly suggesting a different marketing approach to the one that exists (which is often predictable and therefore not distinctive).

Then, and only then,  can they deal with the challenges of getting across your compelling message without the benefit of:
  • gesticulation
  • looking earnest or
  • sincere vocal inflexion!

They also need to understand how to...understand when to...understand where to...

put a pause in the writing for impact

Having written the piece it's now time to read, revise and edit.

But at last, if done well, the copywriting piece emerges and the copywriter can be confident that this is indeed a gift that goes on giving in terms of ongoing engagement via your website, your sales letters, your marketing materials, your blog or your advertising campaigns.

Have you any examples of writing that has engaged, inspired and motivated you to do something? I'd love to hear.

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