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Branding is not just about creating a logo

I recently heard an interesting comment about why someone had chosen to buy from a particular company. it was "I liked everything about it - great brand, great website, everything I wanted from a company"

So let's run through that again - what made someone buy from a company new to her? Firstly what pulled her in to find out more:

1. Brand

And then presumably she found the products or services she needed...

So how is your brand - sorry did I hear you say you are too small to actually have a brand? Oh dear, so you wanted to stay small then...

Brands are not just logos, they reflect the consistent personality of the company and its positioning.  In plain English whether it sounds upbeat/professional/innovative etc and whether its aiming at Lidl type customers or Waitrose type customers. Could you tell that by looking at your marketing materials? 

Your brand should additionally be expressed in your social networking activities - does what you are saying sound like you are an upbeat company aiming at Waitrose type customers? Are you linking to the right people?

Now let's look at your website - in addition to asking yourself if it's "on brand" does it look home made or slick?  If it looks home made why would I buy from you?  You obviously have so few customers you can't even afford a decent website.  By the way the same applies if you press into my hand a low budget business card....

If this sounds harsh can I remind you of that old adage "first impressions count". If you're not clear and consistent in your branding it's like asking someone to judge your personality whilst you're wearing sunglasses - you're making it too difficult.

Many years ago I was networking down in Bournemouth and a fellow attendee asked me to look at her marketing material.  She handed me an A5 landscape glossy folder filled with well designed well written information.  My first impression? "She's doing all right" (i.e. she was inspiring confidence in me in terms of her business) -  in fact she had been running just three weeks.

Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it but at no time can you look like an amateur.

If you'd like to know more about creating your brand please look at "What are the core values of your business?". If you'd like to get your whole team rowing in the same direction and clearly behind your brand ask me to run a workshop for you!

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