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Why social media?

Whilst at a recent Business Networking Meeting I had two separate discussions with some over 50’s business owners about why social media should be part of their marketing.

One said – “Yes, but I haven’t got time for all of that between sourcing and buying and manning the shop” 

Another said “Yes my son does all that in his business, it seems to work very well for him but I can’t get my head round it” 

A third said “The trouble is that if we went on there we we’d open ourselves up to comments by disgruntled staff and disgruntled clients…"

OK, sigh. Let’s start by admitting I’m possibly around that age-ish (sort of, on a bad day…) and if one thing drives me mad it’s any comments on any subject indicating that it’s a young person’s thing and not for us.  But in all honesty that’s probably the subject of a separate rant post…

To remind you I do NOT believe that social media is the be all and end all but I DO think it’s a crucial part of marketing so let’s look at each objection:

Lack of Time

Yes, this will take up time - but it might be the making of your business - so isn’t it worth a shot? According to your business model, you might find that time spent on social media brings you more income than your present activities.

On debating the pros and cons of pop up shops at the same event, one entrepreneur said she could earn more money sitting on her sofa proactively using social media than she could sitting passively on a high street location.  And wouldn’t it be nice to have a little bit of control over your business fate?


My father used to say “There is no such word as can’t”

Sometimes you have to get out of your own way and check out new stuff. There’s plenty of free advice out there on the Internet but if you work better in a teaching environment there are bound to be excellent local workshops which can shortcut the process.

I often train in social media for Hampshire organisation  which charges £35 for a half day’s training where you get informed  knowledge, examples and handouts around social media subjects that took me (and my fellow trainers) weeks of research and considerable practical implementation.

I was recently told that people "of a certain age" probably feel better being trained in social media by someone of my age.  If that rings any bells I'm available for one to one training within 25 miles of North Hampshire and promise to act my age not my shoe size.


The couple I talked to had a real light bulb moment when I pointed out that those complaints would be happening anyway – whether or not they were seeing them…and by not seeing them they couldn’t manage them…

I trotted out one of my favourite analogies in this respect – NOT interacting with your target market on social media as like being an air stewardess saying  “Oh no,  I don’t talk to passengers, they might want to make a complaint!”

What I do believe is that business owners should be armed with information as to how best to manage such complaints. If you’d like to know how click here 

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