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Popular marketing posts you may have missed.

It's easy to see THE most popular blog posts because these are clearly displayed on the home page but there are other popular  marketing posts - perhaps even pearls of wisdom - that just miss out on that top 5 billing.

Now, OK, you will partly have to take my word for the fact that they are pearls of wisdom but the stats say they are popular and I promise this is not just friends and family being nagged into following me.

So here are 5 more posts which almost made it - now allowed to be proud as peacocks and strut their stuff one more time...

Marketing Tips from Trading Secrets comes in at number 1.  Now this might because it is a pretty nifty post title - in which case that is something you can emulate.  People love the kind of "inside track" or "secrets" type of post.  This one highlights the international trading successes of several British companies with sound marketing advice from them sprinkled in along the way

At number 2 is a jolly helpful post if you are staring into the abyss of 2012 wondering how the heck to market.  Called 40 Marketing Methods from which to choose - it gives you exactly that!

At number 3 we have How to get client/customer testimonials - this not only gives you 6 ways in which to do this, it also invites you to share your best testimonials with me - and my followers - so why would you miss such an opportunity - get commenting!

The winning tactics of market traders comes in at number 4 - I think this was popular because it highlights how to do great customer service - and upsell - in ways that we've all seen but perhaps not thought about applying to our own business.  Why reinvent the wheel when there is already simple stuff that works out there?

At number 5 came Where and how to advertise - a good post to read before you part with your money!  It also has one of my favourite post photographs - there's no doubt that a good photo draws followers so make sure you are making the most of your own blog posts in the same way.

Finally, I would like to  honourably mention one obscure one about Mary Poppins.  This continues to bring lots of traffic, I can only assume it is because of people searching for that well loved character.  However, she did give great marketing advice...

I hope you find these helpful.  Do let me know which one you liked the best or whether there were other unsung heroes of posts that you enjoyed along the way.  Thanks for following!

Thanks to c_m minxlj on Flickr for the photo!