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Great Sayings 2 – Thanks to Mary Poppins

I am indebted to my Basingstoke4Business colleague David Hudec for reminding me of that great Mary Poppins' saying

                   “Well begun is half done”.

Never was this more appropriate than in terms of marketing:

It can be taken in two ways: indeed if you clearly define your proposition and are spreading the word via postcards, website, brochures etc then indeed well begin IS half done – in other words you have definitely got your business off to a flying start.

BUT, well begun is only HALF done. Now comes the hard part, for whilst the actual devising and initial enactment of your marketing offering can be quite fun – the bit about maintaining the focus, energy and motivation to gain clients with sustained marketing tactics can feel insurmountable.

This is Duracell battery time and certainly singles out those who succeed in business and those who do not. Which is why several clients avail themselves of my marketing mentoring service, sometimes we need a mix of good advice AND nagging…

By the way, when I checked that Mary Poppins actually did say that, it was also accredited to Aristotle – who knew?!

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